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Personalized Future Mrs Sign - Bridal Shower Decor

Personalized Future Mrs Sign - Bridal Shower Decor

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Personalized Future Mrs sign for a bridal shower

Your custom sign is lightweight and the perfect size to add to the center of any wreath or hang solo by your favorite ribbon. You could even 3M tape it to just about any surface to customize your wedding, bridal shower or home!

Multiple sizes to fit your specific needs in decorating your special event, all cut from premium 1/4" wood.

Each sign measures 15" or 20" in width.
15"wide x 13.1" tall
20"wide x 17.3" tall

Height will be dependent on how many letters are in the name you specify. The more letters you have in the last name, the shorter in height the sign will be.

Example sign "Mrs Bode" is almost equally as tall as it is wide.

Finishes defined:
(not all finishes may be available - please check the drop-down menu for choices)

  • Unfinished - MDF wood with some burn marks from the laser (more prominent on the backside)
  • Walnut or Birch - Birch wood left natural or stained walnut (front and back)
  • Painted - MDF wood painted front and back in chosen color
  • Glitter Wood (Painted) - MDF Wood painted color chosen and same color glitter layered over (can shed)
  • Acrylic - Hard plastic, smooth shiny surface
  • Glitter Acrylic - Hard plastic with glitter embedded in so there is no shedding
  • Mirror Acrylic - Hard plastic with mirrored backing, highly reflective (back side is gray)

*NOTE - All cake toppers should have the pick/stake part wrapped in plastic wrap before inserting into cake for food safety

Ways to mount or hang your signs:
• 3M tape to "float" on any vertical surface
• Fishing line to hang from anywhere invisibly
• Ribbons looped through the design to add color & softness
• Hot glue twist ties to the back to adorn wreaths or garlands

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